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APDF-APRO Commissions

(1)          Commission on Oral Diseases

Objectives: To create awareness on Dental Caries, Periodontal disease and Oral Cancer among the population in Asia Pacific region and to provide Dental Treatment for poor marginalized population in Asia Pacific region
Terms of Reference:

  1. Gathering of available data
  2. Evaluation on public awareness
  3. Current existing prevention programmes
  4. Evaluation of data
  5. Arriving at suitable recommendations.
  6. Oral cancer being one of the most common cancers in the world – the commission would like to raise the level of public awareness of this serious malignancy
  7. Implementation and publication of recommendations
Committee Members:

Dr. Kalaiarasu M. Peariasamy

Malaysian Dental Association

Dr. Hemantha Amarasinghe

Sri Lanka Dental Association

Dr. Suresh Shanmuganathan

Sri Lanka Dental Association

Dr. Prasad Amaratunge

Sri Lanka Dental Association

Dr. Jasundara Bandara

Sri Lanka Dental Association

New Oral Health Professional Advice
New Status Report: Oral Cancer Scenario in Sri Lanka
New Status Report: Oral Cancer – The Indian Scenario
New Status Report: Strategies for Prevention and Control of Oral Cancer in Taiwan

(2)          Commission on Dental Education

Topic: Ensuring competency among General Dental Practitioners
Preamble: The Dental Education Commission, for the year 2010 -2012, looks forward todevelop a broad consensus to formulate and synchronize the existing curriculum in various member countries to make highly competent General Dental Practitioners. This will be done by analyzing the existing continuing Dental Education Programs through a cross sectional survey across few member nations of APDF. The results of the survey will be deliberated in a workshop. Such deliberation will help APDF to decide the minimum requirements for ensuring competency among General Dental Practitioners.
Terms of Reference:

  1. Development of a broad consensus to formulate and synchronize the existing undergraduate curriculum
  2. Analysing the existing continuing dental education programs
  3. To organize a dedicated workshop
  4. To deliberate on minimum requirement for ensuring the competency among General Dental Practitioners.
Committee Members:

Dean Vicente O. Medina III
Dean Maria Jona Godoy
Dr. Angel N David
Dr. Leticia O. Santos
Dean Rahimah Abdul Kadir
Prof. Ramesh Bulbule

Philippine Dental Association

Dr. Hussain Askari

Pakistan Dental Association

Dr. Khariya Bte Abdul Butalib

Malaysian Dental Association

Dr. Udaya Usgodaarachchi

Consultant, Public Dental Health Dentistry
Dental Institute, Ward Place, Colombo 7


(3)          Commission on General Dental Practice

Terms of Reference:

  1. Creating a standard of Care Protocol
  2. To formulate and agree on a common standard of CareProtocol for Asia Pacific members
  3. Tabulation of all treatment protocols from member countries
  4. Identify peculiarities and determine possible incorporation of each item in treatment protocol
  5. To adopt a unified Standard of Care Protocol.
Committee Members:

Dr. Robert Tajonera

Philippine Dental Association

Dr. Steve Almonte

Philippine Dental Association


(4)          Commission on Dental Public Health

Terms of Reference:

  1. Proposed module for integrated approach for oral health promotion
  2. Propose plan of action
  3. Propose activities
  4. Expected output
Committee Members:

Dr. MD Emadul Haque

Bangladesh Dental Society

Dr. Chin-Shun Chang

Chinese Taipei Association

Dr. Bernadette Puspaangeli

Fiji Dental Association

Dr. Alfred Yung Yu Ki

Hong Kong Dental Association

Dr. Ayaz Ali Khan

Chief Coordinator, Pakistan Dental Association

Dr. Hasan Afaq

Coordinator, Pakistan Dental Association


(5)          Commission on Defence Forces Dentistry

Topic: Action Plan in Disaster Management of Victims in the Asia Pacific region
Terms of Reference:

  1. Action plan in Disaster Management of Victims in the Asia Pacific Region
  2. To create an action plan to be used as a standard protocol
  3. Preparation of defence forces dentistry in Asia Pacific region
  4. To streamline the services provided by defence forces dentists.
Committee Members:

Col. Dr. Zahani Mohamed Yusoff
Maj. Dr. Izzwan Hairol

Markas Angkatan Tentera Malaysia
Bahagian Perkhidmatan Kesihatan, KementerianPertahanan, Tingkat 12
Menara Park, Megan Avenue, 11 Jalan Yap Kwan Seng
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Col. Ramon Hebron

Speaker, House of Delegates
Commanding Officer, Philippine Air Force, 1301st Dental Dispensary

Col. Chomquan Sangbuakaew

Dental Division, Royal Thai Army, Medical Department, 8 Phyathau Rd., Rajathevee
Bangkok 10400 Thailand

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